Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Owls are Taking Over!

Owls have invaded my apartment! It all started out in Anthropologie one day when a winking owl cookie jar caught my eye. I immediately names him Hootie and begged my mom to give it to me for Christmas. Ever since I got my apartment, everyone loves getting me things for my apartment so I thought this would be a great Christmas gift for my mom to give me. However, she wasn't biting. I begged anytime I got near an Anthropologie or anytime I visited their website. Needless to say she did get it for me however she tormented me saying she wasn't and even went as far as buying me a mini owl ornament to make up for not getting me Hootie. I named him Lil' Hoot to show that Hootie had to be with me because he belonged with Lil' Hoot. Little fun fact about me, I name almost everything and I think all objects have feelings.

My obsession with having Hootie caused my mom to believe my new obsession was owls in general. With Lil' Hoot perched on my mirror my owl collection grew with an owl blanket first. Then I had asked for a SpiritHood for Christmas and she got me the Night Owl edition. Which I love by the way! For Christmas I did end up getting Hootie and I love having him in my kitchen. I then found myself falling in love with the Orly nail polish in the color Nite Owl. So like I said, owls have invaded by apartment, and they seem to be staying awhile.

Hope you enjoyed reading! Goodnight!

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  1. I love owls too, they are so adorable. Just bought a cute silver one for our apartment :) That Orly polish is beautiful :)Xoxo, Christine♥