Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Finding My Perfect Lipstick

I am not the biggest lipstick person. In fact usually when I put it off I end up wiping it off within 10 minutes. I like the glossy feel of lipgloss and I know how shiny my lips look wearing it. However, I am determined to get past my anti lipstick feeling and find my perfect lipstick.

Now I obviously know I am not a lipstick fan, however I continue to buy them. When MAC come out with new colors I buy them, so needless to say I'm buying things that are going to waste until I get over my lipstick hang up. So this weekend I intend on hitting a few beauty places around me and picking up a couple different shades. I'll post the pictures on here and probably do a video about it. Then I'll leave it up to you guys and your comments. Can I make lipstick work for me or am I forever a gloss girl?

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