Friday, January 20, 2012

Award Show Season

I love award season. I love the red carpet, picking my own winners, and seeing all the stars in one place. Judging everyone's dress picks is one of my favorite things to do. I meant to write this right after seeing the Golden Globes but school has really bogged me down so I am finally do it a week later. So let's talk my favorite gown at the Golden Globes. Surprisingly, because I usually agree with the best and worst dressed lists that make their way around the internet, my favorite was one that ended up on EW's worst dressed list! In fact they gave her a D-! I really couldn't care less though because for me Lea Michele took the cake. I think she looked daringly sexy in her metallic Marchesa gown.

This might earn me some criticism but I thought it was very bold and daring of her and despite her need to overpose, she wore it extremely well. I definitely think Freida Pinto shouldn't have been considered dressed better than Lea, her strapless, balloon like gown didn't flatter her figure at all. Emma Stone of course brought it, like she always does, I am always impressed with her. And Sarah Michelle Gellar's tye dye dress not so bad either in my book. Definitely not her best, but not the worst like most are saying.

I like when stars shake up the red carpet with different looks and think a lot of the criticized stars were the ones that took some risks this year. Tell me what you think about the Golden Globes red carpet style and I will be doing another red carpet breakdown for the SAG awards!

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  1. Emma Stone was a real favourite for me! I loved her dress!