Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Expanding My Shoe Collection!

So between my dog eating a lot of my shoes or just regular wear and tear my shoe collection has taken a total hit! I used to think I had so many and now with having to throw so many out, I'm devastated when I actually struggle to find a pair of shoes to wear in the morning.

When I saw Steve Madden having a 50% off sale I immediately jumped on it. How could I not? Steve Madden is my favorite shoe designer and I am so excited to be getting my first pair of ShoeMint shoes for my birthday next month! So today I am sharing with you the two pairs I picked out. I actually picked out four, one gorgeous pair of blush heels that turned out to be sold out, and my favorite of the four was a leopard wedge bootie that also turned out to be sold out. :( I was so sad when they sent me that e-mail but still glad I got sent these two.

The first pair is called Wildd, and they are strictly for summer. They are a white wedge sandal with a gorgeous flower design on them. I actually have these in another color with zippers on the straps and a cork wedge so I know they fit well and are super comfortable.

The second pair is a cute cuddly boot and that one is called Bravvvo. I like how Steve Madden always adds extra letters to his shoe names! I snatched these up because I could totally picture myself wearing a oversized sweater, Victoria's Secret sweat shorts and these at the shore this summer. I absolutely had to have them! They are so soft and warm on the instead. I am always super cold, mainly because my feet are always freezing, but I don't see that being a problem in these!

Share with me your shoe collection! Post your blogs! I love reading about shoes!


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